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Green Hip Cargos Go Green

Write By: admin Published In: New product launch Created Date: 2017-08-14

Since 2010, Green Hip has supplied women around the country with comfortable workwear and has now launch their new Give Cargo Pants in Gardener Green colour.



The owner and creator of Green Hip, Olivia Thwaites was tired of wearing men’s workwear when working as a Horticulturalist so she decided to design her own work gear and has never looked back.

‘After years of selling my ‘Original’ style pants in our Gardener Green colour and receiving extremely positive customer feedback we have now launched our popular Cargo’s in Gardener Green. ‘

Many workwear companies are cutting their Green Lines but Olivia explains ‘I will always carry our workwear in Gardener Green. Not only did the name of my business evolve around my very first workwear designs but it’s just such a beautiful colour. Councils around Australia are still asking for it so I’m listening loud and clear’.

Business’s and Government agencies now have a strong focus on gender equality and gender diversity within the workforce. Uniforms play a major part in boosting womens confidence and morale and Green Hip helps support women working in male dominated industries.


‘I used to feel so uncomfortable leaving my workplace in my work clothes, walking the streets in men’s wear is very demoralising. It’s so exciting to have customers who buy my workwear not only for work but for weekend wear, travel or camping. ‘

The best selling Pants Give Cargo design is now available in Gardener Green, Khaki and Navy Blue,. This popular style includes an elastic back waistband with a higher back rise which allows for fluctuating weight throughout the month – no plumbers crack here when working on the tools! The Gardener Green work pants are perfect for women working in the garden, on the farm or professionally for councils or their own business. Designed to fit women and made from their signature cotton/stretch fabric, women no longer have to wear uncomfortable and unflattering workwear.

Based in Geelong, Green Hip Workwear For Women can be purchased online or at selected stockists around Australia. A fitting appointment can also be arranged at Olivia’s studio warehouse space or an appointment can be arranged for her to come visit your workplace for a private fitting if your business is located in Geelong, Melbourne or surrounding areas

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