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Our workwear is made from a durable soft cotton stretch fabric and whether you’re a passionate gardener, professional horticulturalist, student or designer, we’d love to meet you! Buy your tickets online or at the gates.

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Write By: admin Published In: Workwear Created Date: 2017-08-09

A couple weeks ago was Farm Safety Week and continuing the discussion about Farm Safety incredibly important for regional communities.

Green Hip was recently an exhibitor at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show as well as Hamilton Sheepvention and the owner of Green Hip, Olivia Thwaites who is originally from a farm in the Otways, was confronted by stories that farmers had for safety when working on the farm.

‘We recently launched our Hi-Vis work pants and they are becoming very popular within the farming community. Although they are predominantly used when it is dark, farmers are often required to be out working very early in the morning and late at night be it cropping or on a dairy farm’. Olivia says. ‘ It’s really important that women are also supported with protective clothing for night time work as they are often over looked and there really hasn’t been many options for them in the past’.

Women’s workwear in the past has been difficult to come by but Green Hip Workwear is creating a buzz within the workwear industry. Designed for women, by women, the signature cotton stretch fabric allows women to work in comfort and style and also to AS/NZ standards.

‘My workwear complies with AS/NZ standards and caters for all shapes and sizes. Due to my comfy fabric women can now rely on my durable workwear and feel great at work while keeping safe. It’s so important to provide the basic safety requirements for farmers working on the land.’


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