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Write By: admin Published In: Markets & Expos Created Date: 2017-07-24

What a buzz to be at this years Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show 2017!

This was Green Hip's first time at the event and we had the amazing opportunity to meet new customers from all over Australia! We were privileged enough to speak with clients from WA, NSW, SA and TAS as well as lovely local existing and new customers from Bendigo.

The three-day show was held at the well-known Bendigo Show Grounds and is the largest event of its style in the world. Throughout the weekend the amazing Green Hip team saw the best of the best in Australian sheep and alpaca breeders compete in cohesion with the country's most passionate food, fashion and fibre lovers gather together to celebrate the mighty Australian wool industry.


The team, mainly contributated by owner Olivia's family, were so proud to be able to promote local industry through our Hip Beanie accessory which is made using Bendigo Wool Mill materials and is100% Victorian made. All in all, it was wonderful to see so many other regional business's come together to support a successful annual event.


The Green Hip team would like to thank all of our wonderful helpers for spending the whole weekend in Bendigo along side Angie and Liv - without you energetic and passionate people we wouldn't have been able to face the cold!

We can't wait to visit again next year Bendigo!

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