Immerse your sense and come try and buy our comfy workwear designed for women in the beautiful setting of the Royal Exhibition Build & Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2018.

Our workwear is made from a durable soft cotton stretch fabric and whether you’re a passionate gardener, professional horticulturalist, student or designer, we’d love to meet you! Buy your tickets online or at the gates.

Store Opening Hours

Wednesday 21st March 9am-5pm

Thursday 22nd March 9am-5pm

Friday Twilight 23rd March 9am-9pm

Saturday 24th March 9am-5pm

Sunday 25th March 9am-5pm

Shop Location A37

Find us at the same spot as last year!

What a show! Green Hip @ Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Write By: admin Published In: Markets & Expos Created Date: 2017-05-30

What an amazing experience! We had the time of our lives while selling my gear at this years MIFGS.

During the five day expo we had existing customers come visit us and to hear their feedback about my workwear was such a thrill. For years, I have been wanting to show case my workwear to women at MIFGS and this was the year to fly. My youngest son is nearly 2 and it was time to hit the big time! Being away from my family was hard at times but my amazing husband and family were able to pull together and keep the household running while I was away.



What a journey it was! We had men try and buy our workwear, they also loved the soft cotton/stretch fabric and I was so blessed to have an amazing team around me, my sales manager, Angie and my family and friends also came to help work on the Green Hip shop. They were put to work re-filling the shelves and assist our customers while trying on my gear. To hear such positive feedback from all of my customers who loved the new styles and modern fit just filled my heart with such joy, it was amazing!

I would like to thank my friends and family who helped during the expo and a big thank you to all of our new and existing customers who came to say hello and try on our new styles aand colours! I am so blessed to have met you all and look forward to supporting women in the trades and services in the coming future with new colours and styles! 

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